Ella Rose Founder, Meagan Reitz, offers over 20 years of experience in the hair industry.

About Ella Rose

Ella Rose Hair Boutique was born from the idea of women finding power, confidence, and healing through their hair. We believe that our worth as women comes from within, and nothing can diminish it. That it is our actions, words, and thoughts that are the source of true beauty. 


We also know that it can be hard to see and feel this worth. As hairstylists, we have witnessed the transformation of girls and women after their outward appearance more closely reflects the beauty they have inside - and it is powerful!


What we see in the mirror affects how we show up in the world. Are we showing up with confidence? Are we showing ourselves and others that we value ourselves by investing time, energy, and money into ourselves, and not just everyone else around us?


The rose is a flower with many associations - womanhood, beauty, love, courage, romance, harmony, and we can say a little fight (let’s not forget the thorns!). Ella is a name that evokes femininity and grace. Ella Rose, therefore, represents womanhood. Ella Rose has yet another important meaning. Ella is “she” in Spanish -so we can also understand Ella Rose to mean - she rose


When we invest in ourselves - on all levels, we rise. When we rise, we can help others do the same.


It is our hope that as women we can find the courage to rise in our lives. That we can brighten our own light within, and then find the power and purpose to light the lives around us.

We would love to share, in a small way, your rise. 



I have been a client of Meagan's for years, and always look forward to spending time in her chair. I am a natural blonde with baby fine hair, and it has always been a tightrope walk of balancing styling without causing damage. Even a careless tug of an elastic can cause major breakage that takes months to grow out. When she showed my her new method of extensions, I assumed it wouldn't work on my high-maintenance hair. But after a lot of research and Meagan's recommendation I realized I was the perfect candidate for Natural Beaded Rows extensions. We were able to find a perfect color match, so I did not have to further damage my hair with color. I've had Natural Beaded Rows for one month now, and it has been life changing. These extensions hold curl for days and even if I just run a brush through it my hair looks amazing! I can toss it in a side ponytail while I teach yoga, then go on a date later that night. I've got "hair for days" while still looking like me. I feel so much more confident, like my outside matches how I feel on the inside. Thank you, Meagan, for walking me through every step of the way.  

- Kerry T.

I cannot say enough good things about NBR !!!! I was genetically blessed with fine/thin hair!!! I had to wash my hair daily, use every thickening, volumizing and root booster on the market in addition to hot rollers to make my hair look decent. I can’t keep my extensions a secret and everyone cannot believe they are extensions!! From the color to the cut, everything blends so naturally. The curl holds for days and the time it takes me to do my hair has decreased significantly. They seriously are so low maintenance AND the hair can last up to 8 months!!! If you are considering extensions DO IT!!!! You will not regret it. I know I will never take them out, except for tightening ;) ! 

- Stephanie C.

I’ve been going to Megan for several years now and have watched her grow into the excellent hair specialist she is today. Megan is always pushing herself to learn more about hair care and coloring and she is constantly exploring new techniques that keep her styles and colors fresh, on trend and modern. She is an excellent listener and will always tell you what she honestly thinks would look best, and she is, when it comes to my hair, always right! I’m pretty picky when it comes to my hair and thanks to Megan we have found the perfect “recipe” for very natural looking blonde highlights! I’m always thrilled with Megan’s work and wouldn’t trust anyone else with my hair.  

- Emily M. 

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