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About Ella Rose

Ella Rose Hair Boutique was born from the idea of women finding power, confidence, and healing through their hair. We believe that our worth as women comes from within, and nothing can diminish it. That it is our actions, words, and thoughts that are the source of true beauty.

We also know that it can be hard to see and feel this worth. As hairstylists, we have witnessed the transformation of girls and women after their outward appearance more closely reflects the beauty they have inside – and it is powerful!

What we see in the mirror affects how we show up in the world. Are we showing up with confidence? Are we showing ourselves and others that we value ourselves by investing time, energy, and money into ourselves, and not just everyone else around us?

The rose is a flower with many associations – womanhood, beauty, love, courage, romance, harmony, and we can say a little fight (let’s not forget the thorns!). Ella is a name that evokes femininity and grace. Ella Rose, therefore, represents womanhood. Ella Rose has yet another important meaning. Ella is “she” in Spanish -so we can also understand Ella Rose to mean – she rose.

When we invest in ourselves – on all levels, we rise. When we rise, we can help others do the same.

It is our hope that as women we can find the courage to rise in our lives. That we can brighten our own light within, and then find the power and purpose to light the lives around us.

We would love to share, in a small way, your rise.

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