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Hi – I’m Erin! I’ve been doing hair for a little over 5 years. My passion for hair started when I was just a young girl doing my mom’s and Barbie’s hair. It became clear to me after my first year of college that cosmetology school was my real desire, and enrolled the very next fall.

I am passionate about blondes and lived in color. I find that adding a little lightness around the face, or adding dimension back into the hair can truly transform a woman’s appearance and confidence. I am skilled at transforming dark hair into healthy, beautiful blondes (which often takes multiple sessions), and I love adding life and dimension back into a natural blonde.

I am trained and skilled in the Grace Hand Tied Extension Method of extensions – I am excited to give you even more gorgeous hair through this life-changing service!

I can’t wait to meet you, and I know that with patience and consistency, we can make you feel your most beautiful!

Rate $120/hr

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