Let's work together!

Join the Ella Rose team!

Commission Structure.

We take care of the business side, so you can focus on your craft.​

You control your income and are free to set your own prices.


You set your schedule and take unlimited time off.

​Work the hours you like – you know what’s best for your career and lifestyle.

Ella Rose encourages stylists to have an actual life! This is great for those with families, or people who need or want flexibility and customization in their schedule.


Session Artists.

We book appointments in blocks of time. This streamlines the booking and quoting process and allows flexibility to customize each guest’s appointments to their needs.​

With hourly sessions, you can take whatever steps are necessary to deliver the best results for your guest.

You are in control of your prices and your income!


We encourage specializing.

Have a niche? We want you to be able to focus on that, rather than take services that aren’t in your wheelhouse, or that you do not enjoy.

We believe that when you can focus your skills on certain services that fuel your passion, you become an expert quickly and can build your dream book of business!


You are free to date.​

Meaning, we have no problem with you working at multiple locations or being a freelancer. Although we know many salons may not share this polyamorous view yet, we believe that you should be able to work where you want rather than having to sign “non-compete” agreements.

This gives you the freedom to choose what’s best for you and your clients. We never want you to feel trapped in our relationship with you.

Consider this an open relationship. As long as we’re communicating, we’re good.


What does it look like to work at Ella Rose?

While we honor your freedom as a stylist, we are also all about business, mutual respect and care between the team, coaching you, and a stellar guest experience.​

We value education as leaders and learners. We are part of a major coaching program called Destroy the Hairdresser and want to help you and the entire team grow inside of the principles of emotional intelligence, personal responsibility, and self growth that are espoused in this amazing program.

Also, we think we’re pretty fun to hang out with too!

It’s Time to Apply.

Follow the steps below

Currently, we are accepting applications though our Instagram page – @ellarosehairboutique

Send us a direct message or video (bonus points!) with the following information.

Name, how long you’ve been licensed, what type of services you like to offer, what you want to work on to elevate your career, and why you think Ella Rose might be good fit for you!

Also, please ask any questions that you may have for us!

We hope to meet you soon!