New Talent


We are proud to support stylists who are just entering the hair industry, and developing and refining their cutting and coloring skills. Recently graduated stylists that work at Ella Rose enter into a program called New Talent. These stylists receive weekly training and continued support as they build their skillset, speed, confidence, and portfolio.

Taking advantage of New Talent services and pricing can be a mutually beneficial experience for the client and new stylist.

As a new stylist who is learning and perfecting skills, we ask for patience in the timing and execution of the work.

Those interested in New Talent pricing are asked to be open to the documentation of the process through photography and/or video. This content will be used for learning purposes and marketing.

Pricing for New Talent is as follows:


The price for a haircut is capped at 1.5 hours, although the service may take longer than anticipated.

Color/chemical services will be quoted based on our best estimate of how long it will take for each session to be completed. The hourly price charged will be capped at the quoted time. 

All color/chemical cost will be tracked via our color tracking system and paid by the client.

If a color servcie was quoted at 5 hours and there was $27.50 worth of color used, the price would be 5 x $25 = $125 + $27.50 = $152.20 + sales tax

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