Let us take the guess work out of things
What is included in hourly pricing?

Everything that we are capable of! We have said goodbye to a la carte pricing that can be confusing and lead to surprises at checkout. Need a shadow root with your color? It’s included in your session. Hair needs more toner than we thought? No problem, that’s included in your session. Need a quick trim after your color – included in your session. When you pay for a stylists time, it’s fair for everyone. If you have long, thick, dark hair (we’re jealous!) and want blonde – you may be in the stylists chair for 4 hour sessions (likely multiple sessions!)

If you have fine, light hair and want blonde – you may only need two and a half hours. The price should not be the same for those two services. Some guests will need a one hour session for a cut and style. Others with thicker hair, or who are wanting a big change may need up to two hours for that session. Everyone’s hair is unique, and hourly pricing gives us the opportunity to give you the time you need. Don’t know how much time you need with your stylist to reach your goals? Contact us for a consultation! 

Is there really no tipping?

Yes, really! At Ella Rose we charge appropriately for our time, and you don’t need to worry about anything extra. If you want to show your gratitude for a job well done, please leave us an honest (hopefully glowing!) review on Facebook, Google, or Yelp!

What temperature should my hot tools be set at?

Less is more! If you have fine, delicate hair, do not turn the heat higher than 320 degrees. If your hair is not fine, and is resistant to curl, you can go up to 360 degrees.

There is no need to go above 400 degrees ever – unless you’re a hairstylist performing a service that requires extreme high heat. If you have a hot tool that does not show you the temperature settings, consider upgrading to those that do. We suggest BioIonic and Babyliss hot tools. 

Why does my blonde go “brassy” between appointments, and what can I do about it?

The first thing to know is that hair likes to be warm. Warm tones live in the hair at all levels (light to dark) and everyone’s hair “pulls warm”. We control it as much as we can through lifting color out of the hair (bleaching), but we have to work with what your hair will allow. The darker your hair is to begin with, or if you have previous color on your hair, the harder it is to get to that light, “brass” free blonde.

After lifting the hair as light as is possible, we apply a toner which helps to close the cuticle of the hair and shift the tone of the pre-lightened pieces. If we opt together for a cool or ashy tone, you can leave the salon with a cool toned look. But all toners eventually fade and you are left with the warmer tones that still live in your hair. If you like the look of your hair toned, you can come in for an hour service in which you can get your cooler toner reapplied, and a beautiful blow out. At home – here are some things you can do to help.

Use quality shampoo and conditioner! Cheap shampoo has harsh cleansers (think dish soap) that will strip your toner or color out very fast. Wash your hair as infrequently as is reasonable for you. You may want to consider using a few specialty shampoos. A high quality clarifying shampoo (Kevin Murphy, ColorProof,Unite) will help remove build up and hard water that may be adding to a “brassy” look on your blonde. (Have you ever noticed a hard water ring in a toilet that has gone unattended? It’s got a orangey/rusty color to it. These minerals can build up on your beautiful blonde too.) You might also consider a shower head that filters hard water, rust, and chlorine.

Purple shampoo. Use sparingly! Purple shampoos are almost always drying, and can often leave a dull grayish look on your blonde. They can be a great tool, but do not over use them. If you really love your purple shampoo, use it at least every other time you shampoo, and consider alternating it with a moisturizing shampoo and an occasional clarifying shampoo to help avoid build up and drying. Purple shampoo will not tone dark or very gold blondes. The pigments they contain are not strong enough for that. If your hair has very gold, almost orange tones (common when you have the above aforementioned dark hair or previously colored hair), you may want to consider using a blue shampoo, or the strongest toning shampoo on the market – Fanola No Yellow. This comes in a violet or blue shampoo. Do not abuse and over use this product – a little goes a long way!

If your hair is a light blonde and needs occasionally refreshing, Kevin Murphy’s Blonde.Me.Wash and Blonde.Angel gloss are a great at home tool that will not over pigment, dull out, or dry out your light blonde hair. High Ph (cheap) shampoos and heat open the cuticle and let which lets color out, and yellowing minerals in. Keep your water in the shower on the cooler side (if you can stand it!) and your heat styling to a minimum. Use a heat protectant before blowdrying and styling (Kevin Murphy Heated.Defense). Keep the hot tool temperatures in a reasonable range (see above).

Be good to your hair at home, and it will make our work when you come back easier! We’ll always still need to work on perfecting and refreshing your blonde each and every time you come in, but the healthier and happier your hair is, the better it will respond to our hard work. 

How can I purchase professional products?

Visit our online shop through Salon Interactive. You can purchase the whole line of our favorite Kevin Murphy products, the amazing ColorProof products (try their Clear It Up and Fiber Blast!), and many more. There are many amazing professional hair care lines out there. We always suggest purchasing directly from a salon, a salons affiliate link online, or directly from the company’s website to ensure the quality of the products.

Favorite product lines for extension wearers – Kevin Murphy, Isles Formula, Oribe, and Unite. Stay away from products with added protein if you’re an extension wearer. 

What supplements or vitamins can I take to make my hair grow longer/faster/thicker/ stronger/fuller?

Owner and stylist Meagan Reitz says “ After 22 years in this industry, and doing thousands of clients hair, the answer is – I don’t think it matters. It certainly can’t hurt to ingest extra vitamins, Biotin, collagen, etc. And maybe it makes a subtle difference. But for the women and men who have the greatest need for thicker, fuller, longer, stronger, I haven’t seen the improvement they’re looking for coming from a vitamin or supplement. Do not believe advertisements that claim miracle supplements for your hair. They do not exist. After all you can do – not abusing your hair by over coloring/chemically processing your hair, having a healthy diet (even “unhealthy” American diets have enough nutrients to support our general health), and using gentle shampoos and gentle heat, the rest is often up to genetics and health conditions that are often out of our control.

I have seen clients with the most enviable, long, gorgeous hair that have never done a thing to get it that way except have amazing hair genes. And I have seen people invest greatly in every supplement, shampoo system, medi-spa treatment, red light helmet, you name it – and still have less than ideal hair.

Have compassion for yourself and do not blame yourself if your hair is not what you wish it were. There are options for alternative hair and hair replacement, and we’re trying our best to figure out how to 

Have compassion for yourself and do not blame yourself if your hair is not what you wish it were. There are options for alternative hair and hair replacement, and we’re trying our best to figure out how to bring the best quality alternate hair options to Ella Rose – because we know that hair matters!”