Hair Color 


At Ella Rose Hair Boutique we are proud to use BES hair color and Redken Shades EQ. BES is an Italian line that offers beautiful gray coverage, many tones to choose from, and the option of ammonia-free and PPD-free formulas.

The amount of time needed for a color service can vary greatly from person to person depending on your hair history, amount of hair, and the desired end result. In general, the more hair you have, the more time you will need for your service. In addition, the greater the distance from your natural color to your desired color, the greater the amount of time it will take to perform your service. Please speak to your stylist directly to know how much time will be needed for your desired color service, or fill out our new guest form, which will help us know where you are, where you want to go, the best stylist for your desired look (if you need a suggestion or match),  and how much time your stylist will need for your service.

Please remember that many desired colors can take multiple sessions to achieve. Your stylist will do their best to guide you to your goal as safely and swiftly as possible – with your hair health being the top priority. Also note that depending on your hair and hair history, certain colors may never be achievable. Your stylist will help explain the science behind such a situation to the best of their ability.

Each quoted session includes the necessary base color, highlight, lowlight, toning, shadowing, filling, and cutting that is needed to achieve the discussed result. 

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